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Our Story and Vision

DwaarPe is a Social Enterprise that works with less privileged women, helping them gain financial independence through means compatible with their skills & literacy levels. We do this by creating 100% natural skincare products which are handmade by these women. The profits are ploughed back to the company. The vision is to have the company be owned by the very people who create and distribute the products. Towards this end, part of stock will be transferred to them, leading to their owning amajority of the company's stocks. The current owners do not draw any salary, or take any part of the retained profits, nor is any expense they incur borne by the company.
We research recipes of plant origins used for skin care around the world. Our distillation of this natural skin care wisdom has yielded a wealth of really potent recipes that help heal many skin and hair conditions and support general health.
DwaarPe started 7 years ago with a free adult education school for women, later branching into providing trainings on monetisable skills such as Beauty Services. To help the DwaarPe ladies deliver high quality beauty services we created Ayurvedic Facial products for various skin types, which were produced fresh, from 100% natural and pure ingredients. These products were a huge success with our customers, and encouraged by this response, the DwaarPe team decided to research and produce more and more products. Today, trained & managed by DwaarPe, the beneficiary women use these recipes to create a wide range of genuine, non-toxic, wholesome skincare products. We ship them across India. We also have a network of distributors in various Indian cities, all of them women, and welcome any woman who wants to become our partner!
We are proud of the fact that our products help our customers move to a healthier, more natural lifestyle and reduce the toxin load in their lives, while at the same time benefitting the women who produce & distribute them.
DwaarPe is about Soul !!


DwaarPe is an Organization with a Social Purpose – of helping women become financially independent
We want to do this by offering skin, body and home care products that are genuine, healthy and wholesome to our customers.
The DwaarPe mantra, coined by the ladies themselves, is “Saccha Aur Acchha”

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