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After Bath Oils


A bath, specially one taken with hot water and strong soaps, may rob your skin of its essential moisture and oils, leading to a loss of skin-tone and elasticity. A small amount of oil rubbed on the skin after a bath can do wonders - keep your skin hydrated for the entire day, keep you surrounded with their exquisite smells, and do it all using natural oils and essential oils.

Starry Night After-Bath Oil logo
Starry Night After-Bath Oil
Hydrating, Natural Oil Infused After-Bath Oil

This Bath Oil is one of our most loved, with its sweet, warm and intoxicating aroma that makes for a great de-stressing shower at the end of a long...

Seven Guards After-Bath Oil logo
Seven Guards After-Bath Oil
Anti-microbial Thieves & Orange Infused After-Bath Oil

The miraculous anti-bacterial Essential oil blend recipe from 15th century Europe called "Thieves" comes together with Vanilla & Orange Essential O...

Hanika After-Bath Oil logo
Hanika After-Bath Oil
Neem & Patchouli Infused Oil for Sensitive Skin

This Bath Oil is based on Neem, the wonder herb of Ayurveda which is a super healer. Combined with Neroli & Patchouli oils it forms a powerfully he...

A Walk in the Forest After-Bath Oil logo
A Walk in the Forest After-Bath Oil
Lavender & Chamomile Anti-inflammation After-Bath Oil

Carry the crisp clean breeze a mountain meadow with you!. This after-bath oil not only smells amazing, but also softens & nourishes your skin. Due...

A Budding Romance After-Bath Oil logo
A Budding Romance After-Bath Oil
Rose & Cardamom Infused After-Bath Oil

Envelope yourself in the timeless tradition of fresh Indian Roses & enticing Cardamom - a fragrance for celebration! This after-bath oil not only s...

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