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Body Butters, Creams & Serums


Body butters are a wonderful alternative to oils and creams for people who may find oils too greasy and creams too light and impermanent.
Body butters are made by mixing various butters, waxes, powders and oils - beeswax, shea butter, kokum butter, rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, arrowroot etc. - to give the right consistency and health-support. They are solid as packed, melt easily when scooped from their jar, spread evenly on the skin, and absorb quickly into the skin. Moreover, they moisturize and hydrate the skin for much longer than body creams.
The essential oils added to these butters, waxes and oils give each body butter their individual exceptional aroma mix - the smell stays on the body for the whole day.

Sugar and Spice Body Butter logo
Sugar and Spice Body Butter
Cinnamon & Vanilla Body Butter

The essential oil blend recipe combines Cinnamon with Vanilla in a fragrant unique product that delights your senses and is gentle on your skin. En...

Starry Night Body Butter logo
Starry Night Body Butter
Rosemary & Vanilla Natural Oil Infused Body Butter

This Body Butter is one of our most loved, with its sweet, warm and intoxicating aroma. that puts you in a relaxed mood instantly! It is also brimm...

Seven Guards Body Butter logo
Seven Guards Body Butter
Anti-microbial Thieves and Orange Infused Body Butter

The miraculous anti-bacterial Essential oil blend recipe from 15th century Europe called "Thieves" comes together with Vanilla & Orange Essential O...

Joint Pain Relief Massage Oil logo
Joint Pain Relief Massage Oil
Frankincense & Turmeric, Ginger & Clove

Reduces tissue inflammation & helps provide relief from arthritis related pain in knee & other joints

Hanika Body Butter logo
Hanika Body Butter
Neem & Patchouli Oils Infused Body Butter

This Body Butter is based on Neem, the wonder herb of Ayurveda which is a super healer. Combined with Neroli & Patchouli oils it forms a powerfully...

Dil Bahaar Body Cream logo
Dil Bahaar Body Cream
Rose Natural Oil Infused Body Cream

This body cream is rich, soft, creamy and luxurious; and the smell of roses will transport you to another world. Your body will feel moist and soft...

Allergy Relief Vapour Rub logo
Allergy Relief Vapour Rub
Rosemary, Eucalyptus & Peppermint Infused Serum

This blend brings together some of the most effective essential oils that provide relief from sneezing attacks & seasonal respiratory allergies.

Aafreen Body Cream logo
Aafreen Body Cream
Jasmine & Sandalwood Oils Infused Body Cream

This body cream is rich, soft, creamy and luxurious. The smell of jasmine, oranges, vetiver, and sandalwood will envelop you lie magic. Your body w...

A Walk in the Forest Body Butter logo
A Walk in the Forest Body Butter
Lavender & Chamomile Oil Infused Body Butter

Carry the crisp clean breeze of a mountain meadow with you!. This body butter, infused with pure essential oils & kokum butter; and strengthened wi...

A Budding Romance Body Butter logo
A Budding Romance Body Butter
Rose & Cardamom Infused Body Butter

Envelope yourself in the timeless tradition of Indian Rose & enticing Cardamom! This body butter made from pure beeswax & Kokum butter, infused wit...

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