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Mists, colognes, sprays, perfumes, parfum, eau de toilette - a variety of terms for aromatic liquids we spray on ourselves. They vary in the percentage of aromatic oils that is present in the mix.
Amongst these,colognes are the light mixtures, remain for 2-4 hours, and have about 2-5% of aromatic compounds mixed in alcohol and hydrosols.
Our colognes are based on 190 proof alcohol, have added natural essential oils and hydrosols, but no preservatives, emulsifiers, colorants or synthetic odorants/perfumes.

Summer Romance Cologne logo
Summer Romance Cologne
Jasmine & Sandalwood Oils Infused Cologne
Sensuous and mysterious Sandalwood combines with middle notes of irresistible Jasmine, Rose & Ylang Ylang to make a truly addicting perfume! Perfec...
Fresh Love Cologne logo
Fresh Love Cologne
Orange & Grapefruit Oils Infused Natural Cologne
Bright & sexy, young & fresh, this perfume is the perfect accompaniment for the confident young woman who knows her mind and wears her good looks w...
Bella Anya Cologne logo
Bella Anya Cologne
Rose, Orange & Vanilla Infused Natural Cologne
Romantic, delicate, feminine, with just a hint of refreshing citrus! This alluring subtle perfume is perfect for making your signature scent and we...
Bay Rum Aftershave
100% Natural. Fresh, Handmade, Personalised.
SMELL LIKE A REAL MAN, with this incredible, unique scented After Shave Splash. INSTANTLY AWAKENS YOUR SENSES with a crisp, manly tingle that qui...
An Indian Summer Cologne
Saffron & Kewra Oils Infused Natural Cologne
This enchanting Cologne is made from some of the finest flowers that India is home to - Saffron, Rose, Marigold, Kewra & Mogra. DwaarPe is proud to...

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