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The doorway to our soul - our eyes. To have beautiful eyebrows and eyelids, and a clear and unmarked sides and under-eye, is a blessing. Under this category, we have a couple of products, one for under the eye and one for the eyebrow.

Twinkle Under-Eye Serum logo
Twinkle Under-Eye Serum
For dark circles and fine lines
A potent serum for delicate under eye skin repair. It softens, moisturises, plumps up skin. Restores natural elasticity, reduces fine lines, lighte...
Eyebrow Growth Serum logo
Eyebrow Growth Serum
Lavender & Rosemary Infused Serum
Stimulates growth, thickness and number of eyebrow hair, nourishes the roots, treats dandruff & reduces eyebrow hair fall.

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