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Face Packs

These packs are applied on the face, left for a while, and then washed off using warm water.
The objective is to deliver nutrients to the skin, moisturize it, plump it up, and provide a gentle face-wash action, leaving the face fresh and healthy; enriched and glowing.
Some of them also address acne/pigmentation issues.

Ujjwal logo
Instant Glow Skin Brightening Mask
Ujjwal is a genuine, natural, wholesome skin care product that is a delight to the senses. In the form of “Ujjwal”, we bring to you an astonishingl...
Nutan logo
Anti-Pigmentation Skin Renewal Pack
Nutan (Hindi, meaning New) is a result of extensive research inspired by Ayurveda. It brings together herbs, fruits, nuts, oils and seeds that redu...
Neemrit logo
Deep Healing Skin Brightening Face Pack
Every person who suffers from acne longs not only for an acne free skin, but also one that is acne-scar free and glows with health. Neemrit was spe...
Enchanted Earth
Sandalwood, Vetiver & Patchouli Infused Ubtan for Sensitive Skin
This gentle ubtan contains a collection of the best roots, flowers, & herbs prescribed by Ayurveda to calm down stressed skin. It reduces inflammat...
Ashtam Aushadhi
Acne Treatment Formula
This powder is truly powerful, filled with the best Ayurvedic herbs for treating acne, pimples, skin outbreaks and allergies or minor infections. I...

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