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100% Natural Fine Perfumes. Fresh. Handmade. Personalised for you. Blended in the Italian tradition, inspired by Indian aromatic plants, these are truly international creations. We accept requests for customisation, from your second order onwards (we encourage you to try our favourite blends first :-) ) Non Toxic, Not tested on animals.

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Bela 28 Perfumed Body Oil
100% Natural. Fresh, Handmade, Personalised
Benefits Deeply moisturising, soothing and healing. Reduces inflammation & dryness. Has an exquisite fragrance – a blend of sensual Indian...
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Bela 28 Fine Perfume
100% Natural. Fresh, Handmade, Personalised.
About Bela 28 DwaarPe Scent Labs is proud to present Bela 28, an exquisite blend of sensual Indian Jasmine & tart, flirtatious citruses of ...
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Bela 28 Fine Fragrance Box
100% Natural. Fresh, Handmade, Personalised.
What is a personalised Fragrance Box? A set of 3 co-ordinated fragrance products, consisting of a Fine Perfume, a Deodorant & a Body Oil; ...
Bela 28 Deodorant
100% Natural Deodorant Fresh, Handmade, Personalised
Benefits This Deodorant, formulated for sensitive underarms, is free from toxic chemicals like aluminium chlorohydrate, propylene glycol, p...

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