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Hair Oils & Serums

Our scalp and hair are very sensitive organs. Exposure to the sun, to hot water, to dust and smoke/pollution, to harsh chemicals, to colorants/dyes, to various straightening/curling equipment and compounds - can all damage our hair and scalp.
In addition, there may be specific problems our hair/scalp may face - dandruff, lice, thinning, roughness, lack of volume, dryness, oiliness - it is indeed a fortune to have perfect hair.
Our serums are specifically formulated to attend to such problems, bring back balance, and enhance the beauty of your hair in a wholesome and natural manner.

Lice Defence logo
Lice Defence
Cedarwood & Lavender, Rosemary & Tea-Tree
Strong combination to combat lice, while being gentle on the scalp & hair. Nourishes & heals scalp, reduces itching & inflammation. Conditions hair...
Hair Growth Serum logo
Hair Growth Serum
Grapeseed & Thyme, Cedar & Peppermint
Promotes and stimulates hair growth, reduces hair loss. Revives hair shafts. Provides vitamins and nutrients to hair.
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Dandruff Control Serum
Cedarwood & Lavender, Rosemary & Tea-Tree
Reduces dandruff, conditions scalp, restores natural oil balance, inhibits bacterial & fungal growth and reduces scalp inflammation.

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