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Acne is a culmination of several events/factors - exposure to dirt, grime and chemicals, imbalance in the production of sebum, clogged pores, use of synthetics in cosmetics, pollution, infrequent/improper cleansing, hormonal disturbances, imbalance in nutrition.
Natural and gentle cleansers and serums, ubtans/face-packs with healing properties/ingredients, the use of appropriate creams and face butters - these are some ways to reduce and fix acne.
Here are a few products and product sets that address acne.

Under the Neem Tree logo
Under the Neem Tree
Beauty Box for Acne-Prone or Troubled Skin
'Under The Neem Tree' is a Beauty Box created especially for skins troubled with acne / frequent irritation / inflammation / redness/ allergic reac...
Neemrit logo
Deep Healing Skin Brightening Face Pack
Every person who suffers from acne longs not only for an acne free skin, but also one that is acne-scar free and glows with health. Neemrit was spe...
Neem Ras Facial Cleanser logo
Neem Ras Facial Cleanser
Deep Healing Cleanser
This gentle Ayurvedic cleanser is anti-bacterial, anti fungal & anti-inflammatory. It deep cleans & heals the skin. Removes toxins, dirt, grime, de...
Neem Nikhar Beauty Serum
Super Healing Serum for Acne-Prone Skin
This gentle yet effective serum is based on Ayurvedic principles for treatment of acne, irritation, inflammation, redness & related skin conditions...
Chandan Jal Facial Toner
Anti-Inflammatory Face Mist for all skin types
Deeply hydrates, soothes, reduces redness & irritation related to acne, sun-burn, eczema & psoriasis, heals pigmentation, reduces pore size, improv...
Ashtam Aushadhi
Acne Treatment Formula
This powder is truly powerful, filled with the best Ayurvedic herbs for treating acne, pimples, skin outbreaks and allergies or minor infections. I...

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