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Skin pigmentation could be due to a host of factors - genetics, hormones, the sun, inflammation, skin damage, exposure to chemicals in cosmetic products etc. Some of these are appropriate for medical treatment.
However, many of these factors can be addressed by the use of gentle, skin-friendly natural products. Depending on whether the skin is oily or dry, sensitive or normal, we offer a host of products and product combinations to address pigmentation.

Nutan logo
Anti-Pigmentation Skin Renewal Pack
Nutan (Hindi, meaning New) is a result of extensive research inspired by Ayurveda. It brings together herbs, fruits, nuts, oils and seeds that redu...
Evening Dew Cleanser logo
Evening Dew Cleanser
For Normal to Dry Skin
This gentle cleanser is anti-bacterial, anti fungal & anti-inflammatory. It deep cleans & heals the skin. Removes toxins, dirt, grime, dead skin ce...
Enchanted Earth logo
Enchanted Earth
Sandalwood, Vetiver & Patchouli Infused Ubtan for Sensitive Skin
This gentle ubtan contains a collection of the best roots, flowers, & herbs prescribed by Ayurveda to calm down stressed skin. It reduces inflammat...
Banish Blemish
Anti Pigmentation Beauty Box
Banish Blemish is DwaarPe's very first Beauty Box, and has an impressive success rate to its credit. It has been used by women and men of various a...
Anti-Pigmentation Serum
Sandalwood & Frankincense, Geranium & Carrotseed
A powerful blend that harnesses the magic of nature to reduce pigmentation, melasma, discolouration, scars, age spots, and acne marks. Also reduce...
An Indian Summer Toner
Hydrating mist cum make-up finisher for dry skin
Deeply hydrates, soothes, reduces sun-burn, reduces pore size, improves skin tone & elasticity. Ideal For Soothing skin after sun exposu...
A Basketful of Spring Cleanser
For Normal to Oily Skin
This refreshing blend is useful for everyone during the sticky summer season! It deep cleans your pores, removing bacteria, dirt, grime & toxins, w...

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