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Frequently Asked Questions

Oily skin is often a response to blocked pores. The skin's cells responds by producing too much sebum. One can fix multiple things at the same time by balancing the skin's moisture - by following a regimen of cleansing, using a serum, a toner, face scrubs (ubtans) and face packs. We have a set of products to target just this situation - A Basketful of Spring Beauty Set.

Dry skin is often a response to the use of chemical-filled soaps, creams and lotions. It may also be an innate issue, due to hormonal/chemical imbalances.
The use of lotions and creams may further increase the synthetic/chemical load on the skin, so using natural oils and essential oils may be a better approach. Essential oils such as Lavender and rosemary, and oils such as Argan, are specially noted and known to help in such situations.
One can balance the skin's moisture - by following a regimen of natural/herbal products for cleansing, and by using an appropriate serum, toner, face scrub (ubtans) and face pack. We have a set of products to target just this situation - Evening Dew Beauty Serum for Normal to Dry Skin.

It is a blessing to have skin that is neither too oily nor too dry, so congratulations! A little amount of gentle scrubbing using a face ubtan and a face-pack to lend a glow is all that you may need.
We have a set of Ubtans for normal skins - The Enchanted Earth, Roshnara and Noor.
We also have a pack which smells heavenly and "packs a glow" - Ujjwal, that would be ideal for your skin.

Thinning hair can have many causes, many of them to do with hormones and vitamins. Despite all medical advances, this is a challenging issue, with no solution apparently in sight.
Yet, some people report that oils and herbs help. We have taken several of those reported ingredients and prepared a serum that seems to be beneficial, at least for some people.
In addition to balanced nutrition, protecting your hair from harsh and synthetic chemicals (colorants, shapoos, conditioner), do try our Hair Growth Serum, which combines the best of ingredients - oils and herbs - that have been reported as hair-growth-enhancers. use this for 3-6 months to see some results. Very small quantities are needed, since the serum has to be applied to the scalp (and not the hair).

We seldom take care of our eyebrows as assiduously as we do our hair. On top of it, it is the target of some rough treatment when we pluck or shape them.
Some of the chemicals we apply on our faces - face-washes, cream, lotions, beaches - also find their way to our eyebrows. To take specific and secial care of these wisps of hair, we need special and specific oils and essential oils.
Check out our Eyebrow Growth Serum. Very minute quantities are required, just a drop or two on each brow, and some growth/thickening should be visible in a few weeks/months.

Under-eye circles have a variety of causes. Adequate hydration can take care of some of it, as can adequate sleep and balanced eating. Some of it, though, can be addressed by the use of herbal and natural remedies. Some oils and essential oils do help, such as Geranium, Cypress, Rose, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Rosemary, Bergamot, Lavender & Frankincense, which we have put in our Twinkle Under-Eye Serum.

It is seen that Essential oils of Frankincense, Carrot Seed, Sandalwood and Geranium have a beneficial impact on pigmented skin. Our Anti-Pigmentation Serum has these very ingredients. For oily skins, this can be combined with our serum for oily skins and cleanser for oily skins. A scrub would also help - we have Nutan and Enchanted Earth, both of which have been found beneficial.

Like for oily skins, using the Essential oils of Frankincense, Carrot Seed, Sandalwood and Geranium is said to help.
Our Anti-Pigmentation Serum has these ingredients. For dry skins, this can be combined with our serum for dry skins and cleanser for dry skins. A scrub would also help - we have Santosh and Roshnara, a superb pair of scrub/face-packs.

Massaging with oils and body butters help in imroving your skin so that it regains its tone, color and elasticity. Several of our Body Butters and After-Bath Oils are effective in reducing marks. Additionally, body ubtans also help - try our Snaan Saundarya body ubtan.

Blackheads (and whiteheads) are often organic debris trapped in pores. Cleansing with oils using the Oil Cleansing Method will help remove the impacted/trapped material. Depending on you skin type - oily/dry/sensitive, you can choose the cleanser from a variety of our facial cleansers. These cleansers dissolve the organic material and pull it out, then help reduce the pores on the skin and restore the balance of skin.

Dandruff is due to an imbalance of the scalp's skin, imbalance of moisture and oil.It may also have fungal and bacterial origins. Natural essential oils like lavender, rosemary and cedar can help fight the imbalance, while tea-tree oil can fight the infection to a degree. Try our Dandruff Control Serum for a nature-based attack on dandruff. Meet a doctor too - bacteria and fungi may require stronger medicine. On a sutained basis, once the acute infection is gone, the serum could prevent recurrence.

Most modern soaps, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, mists, colognes and creams made by several cosmetic companies are chock-full of synthetic chemicals - colorants, emulsifiers, presevatives and perfumes. Humans have not been exposed to these substances for any sustained periods of time, and the short, medium and long term impact of their use is not unknown. What is known is that they are inadquately tested, much less than additives in foods and drugs. Natural materials that have been known and used for centuries can do the same job as these additives. Ancient and modern knowledge about these materials abound, so there is no excuse NOT to use them. Natural materials (herbs, oils, essential oils) are powerful chemicals too, and are effective against a variety of issues, and effective for skin care. They must be used with care, tested for allergies before use. We talk more about this in our article on this chemical soup invading our skins.

Yes, does it not!! But oily skin is due to an over-production of sebum, which is our body's response to harsh chemicals (face-washes, soaps, lotions, creams) on our skin, or too-frequent washes. It is also due to chemicals, organic material and dirt trapped in skin pores. Frequent cycles of wash-dry-oily, and the skin's cells become confused. To restore the balance, one needs to get off this vicious cycle. Draw out the organic debris by using the oil cleansing method, and then using a serum to re-balance the skin. We have a set that rebalances an oily skin over a period of time.

Acne is a horrible experience. It itches, and when one gives in to the itch, it spreads over the entire face. The more one meddles with the acne, the more it grows.
Acne happens due to a variety of reasons - hormonal and nutritional imbalances, environmental dust/dirt and pollution, skin blockages, imbalances in the production of sebum, fungal and bacterial infections, etc. some of these can be fixed only from the inside - medical interventions, balanced food and fluid intake - but quite a few intervetions can be done externally.
Ubtans, cleansers, serums etc which contain healing anti-acne essential oils and carrier oils can help in getting some hold/control of the acne.
You can use a variety of our products to assist you - Neemrit, Ashtam Aushadhi, Dry/Oily serums and cleansers as per your skin type, toners - a whole armoury of products to fight acne.

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