Rajeev Mavi
excellent product
Rajeev Mavi Delhi 11:34:00 06-22-2018

excellent product. very soft and healing products

Khavinder Choudhary
very best option to take beauty advice as well as beauty product
Khavinder Choudhary New Delhi 11:38:00 04-12-2018
Very nice and Noble initiative .this is very best option to take beauty advice as well as beauty product.This is very dedicated section for professional beauty product review and services
Ruchi Jain
regularly using the ubtans
Ruchi Jain New Delhi 11:40:00 12-20-2017
Superb products, I've been regularly using the ubtans for a few months now, and I think the results are great. Highly recommended.
Gayatri Pooja Barua
Sirf DwaarPe hi nahi, DilPe bhi Dastak dii hai aap logon ne!
Gayatri Pooja Barua Gurgaon 15:40:00 08-23-2017
DwaarPe is about the power of love. How love can change lives. It is how little love in the home can spread and change another million lives everywhere. Made with empathy love and utmost care using gentle but effective ingredients, DwaarPe is not just about their products. It is a lifestyle. It is indeed a lifestyle filled with love care and affection.
Aradhana Anand
Ashdham aushdhi best product
Aradhana Anand L.A 15:38:00 04-16-2017
I have been using DwaarPe services for the last 6 months, both for myself and my daughter, and I must say their Ayurveda services are the most effective beauty treatments i have ever used ! My skin pigmentation is visibly lighter and definitely there is a sheen to my skin which even my friends and family have been commenting upon it. Their Ashtam Aushdhi pack works beautifully for my daughters acne. I have even used it for heat rashes on her back - one application us enough to treat them.
Suzanne Pereira
Outstanding Products
Suzanne Pereira New Delhi 11:35:00 02-10-2017
The products are outstanding and at a neat value pricing. Natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and truly effective, leaving me feeling renewed, my skin soft and glowing! The fact that India's women are being empowered via skill development that sees quick turnaround into action is very heartening. More power to DwaarPe.
Aditi Singh
ayurvedic facial is really refreshing
Aditi Singh New Delhi 11:32:00 11-20-2016
Had an amazing experience with Dwarpe!!! The ayurvedic facial is really refreshing, relaxing and it adds some glow to your face which is actually without chemicals, thanx a lot dwarpe, simply loved it!!!!
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