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Allergy Relief Vapour Rub
₹ 475.00

Benefits This blend brings together some of the most effective essential oils that provide relief..

Arthritis Pain Relief Massage Oil
₹ 500.00

Benefits Reduces tissue inflammation & helps provide relief from arthritis related pain in knee..

Dandruff Control Serum
₹ 200.00


Hair Growth Serum
₹ 225.00

Benefits Promotes and stimulates hair growth, reduces hair loss. Revives hair shafts. Provides vita..

Eyebrow Growth Serum
₹ 300.00

Benefits Stimulates growth, thickness and number of eyebrow hair, nourishes the roots, treats dand..

Lice Defence
₹ 300.00

Benefits Strong combination to combat lice, while being gentle on the scalp & hair. Nourishes &..

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