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A Budding Romance Bath Set

Delightful Combinations of our Budding Romance Products


Soap - 30gms, Shampoo - 50ml, Body Butter - 25gms, in a bag

Product Rating - 4.67

Features & Benefits

The complete set consists of a soap, a shampoo, a conditioner, an after-bath oil, a deodorant/mist and a body butter. All from the 'A Budding Romance' line, whose primary essences are that of Rose and Cardamom. You can choose a wide vaiety of weights/volumes of each product, as also choose which products you would like to include/exclude, leading to a very large number of possibilities. We have packaged a few popular combinations as pre-packaged sets. Please get in touch with us for a combination that you do not see here.


Oil - A Budding Romance After-Bath Oil

Soap - A Budding Romance Soap

Mist - A Budding Romance Body Mist

Shampoo - A Budding Romance Shampoo

Conditioner - A Budding Romance Conditioner

Body Butter - A Budding Romance Body Butter

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