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Amritam Age Proof Beauty Nectar

100% Natural. Handmade. Rich. Pure. Fresh.


A bottle for 1-3 months of use

Features & Benefits

Boost skin recovery and radiance within days. This extra strength night serum provides intense hydration and a concentrated nutrient infusion, with a power-packed bouquet of 16 regenerating and nourishing botanical oils.
The potent restorative and anti- aging formula helps reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & age spots. It recharges and revitalises skin at a cellular level, boosting collagen and elastin production and protecting against free radical damage.
Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive or dry or mature skin.

Each bottle is prepared fresh, by hand, especially for you,
100% Natural. Non toxic. Not tested on animals, suitable for vegans.
What does it do:
• Visibly reduces fine lines, refines skin’s texture and boosts radiance in just a few nights.
• Helps smooth and firm skin’s appearance.
• Boosts essential moisture to help restore the appearance of tired-looking skin
• Reduces appearance of age-spots & pigmentation.
• Shrinks large pores thereby lending a more even toned appearance
• Calms down inflammation / redness.
• Leaves skin soft, supple and hydrated.

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What To Expect
Aroma: Calming, sweet, mildly flowery scent, somewhat like incense.
Product Feel: Light oil, easily absorbed into skin.
Skin Feel: Fragrant, soft & dewy.

How To Use

• After cleansing skin, apply 2-4 drops of night facial oil into hands
• Gently massage all over face & neck.
• You will notice a change in your skin almost immediately, however as regular usage progresses, you feel your skin really come alive with radiance.
• For best results, use along with our Age Defying Cleansing Dew Shabnam and our deep healing natural toner Chandan Jal.

Some useful tips:

1) Use every night for stunning results. Skin repairs itself nightly from daily aggressors that can cause premature aging. At night, when skin is most receptive to repair, our concentrated night facial oil works with skin’s nocturnal functions to help restore and replenish skin.
2) No cream or moisturiser is to be applied when you use this oil, it works best when applied alone.
3) While this is a 100% natural product with ingredients derived from plants; some of the ingredients might cause an allergic reaction. Hence it is advisable to test for allergies before usage by applying a small amount on the inside of your elbow.


Oils of Rosehip, Argan, Evening Primrose, Grapeseed, Hempseed, Almond, Vitamin E. Essential Oils of Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Neroli, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Rose, Geranium & Lavender.

Contains No Aluminium compounds, No Steareths, No Propylene Glycol, No EDTA, No BHA, No EDT, No Formol or Formaldehyde, No Mineral oil, No Parabens, No Phenoxyethanol, No Silicone, No Phthalates, No SLES, No Synthetic Colourants, No Triclosan


I have been using this serum religiously since last November and I love it, my skin has actually become tighter, especially around the eyes. In fact I have been told by many people that even 10 years ago I had crow’s feet and loose skin around my eyes which has now completely vanished. Have recommended this serum to many friends and they are really happy with it too. I travel a lot & carry this, along with Frankincense-Neroli Natural toner and Shabnam cleanser. Just using this trio keeps my skin glowing and healthy despite a hectic lifestyle and exposure to sun and stress and pollution. Can not imagine not having these as part of my daily routine.
Nidhi Lauria - Jaipur

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