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Bela 28 Fine Fragrance Box

100% Natural. Fresh, Handmade, Personalised.


Perfume – 50 ml, Body Oil – 100 ml, Deodorant – 100 ml bottle

Features & Benefits

What is a personalised Fragrance Box?
A set of 3 co-ordinated fragrance products, consisting of a Fine Perfume, a Deodorant & a Body Oil; each made with 100% natural ingredients, toxin & chemical free. A DwaarPe Fragrance set is a great way to smell good all day long without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals. The Body Oil has the added advantage of moisturising & healing your skin, reducing inflammation.

Each bottle is prepared fresh, by hand, especially for you, with your name on the bottle. Requests for custom formulations are also accepted, from your second order onwards (we encourage you to try our favourite blends first :-) ). Each Box comes labelled with your name, with a bag to match.

About Bela 28
DwaarPe Scent Labs is proud to present Bela 28, an exquisite blend of sensual Indian Jasmine & tart, flirtatious citruses of Bergamot, Neroli, Orange & Lemon. It is a modern interpretation of a traditional floral fragrance. Lavender adds a clean, fresh note, while Vanilla ties the bouquet of aromas together in sweet warm embrace.

The result is an elegant, light and bright fragrance which amplifies a woman’s sensuality and femininity. It is amazingly versatile – it will be as much at home with your summer dress on a day out during a vacation to Italy, as with your business clothes at a dinner with colleagues. We guarantee you will fall in love with it !

Toxin free. Not tested on animals, suitable for vegans.

Ideal For
Smelling great & celebrating your own sensuality. Suitable for women of all ages, as a day and light evening wear. Great for gifting, especially as part of a Bela 28 Box with Perfume, Deodorant & Body Oil. While ordering a gift box, please email the name you would like on it, to
Perfect for those wanting to reduce the toxin overload in their daily life, moving to a more holistic lifestyle.
What To Expect
Aroma:Floral, light & fresh, layered with deeper, richer sensual & intoxicating notes of Jasmine; with hints of citrus and sweet vanilla undertones.
Product Feel: Perfume & Deodorant are light, clear sprays & the Body Oil is a light oil. They get absorbed quickly.
Skin Feel: Fresh, clean & scented like a summer garden. Moisturised & soothed with Body Oil. De-odorising effect due to anti-bacterial action of the ingredients.
Mood Feel:Tranquil, Amiable, Romantic, Joyous, light-hearted & good-humoured

1) One Fine Perfume
2) One Body Oil
3) One Deodorant / Body Mist

Packed in a Box & Bag, every item personalised

How To Use

Some useful tips:

1) This is a very refreshing and elegant fragrance, suited brilliantly for the warm season. Carry the perfume or body mist (deo) with you to feel garden-fresh and dressed up with just a single spray / dab!
2) The Body oil also works well as a hand moisturiser. You can carry a travel sized bottle with you for this purpose.
3) While these are 100% natural products with ingredients derived from plants; some of the ingredients might cause an allergic reaction. Hence it is advisable to test for allergies before usage by applying a small amount on the inside of your elbow.


I was gifted the Bela 28 Box with the perfume, deo & body oil by my Bhabhi, the packaging of this Box is simply divine ! I was really very touched by the fact that she had got my name printed on everything – the box, the perfume, deo, oil and even the bag! Their idea of customising the perfumes for customers is quite innovative. The fragrance is beautiful, reminds me of fresh Bela flowers – its not overpowering like some of the loud chemical perfumes one sees in the market. Yet it stays for long, I can smell the deo even in the evening when I change. I will definitely buy this for gifting and try some of their other perfumes too.
Saroj Hooja, Doctor, Jaipur

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