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Chandan Jal Facial Toner

Anti-Inflammatory Face Mist for all skin types


A sample bottle

Product Rating - 4.67

Features & Benefits

Deeply hydrates, soothes, reduces redness & irritation related to acne, sun-burn, eczema & psoriasis, heals pigmentation, reduces pore size, improves skin tone & elasticity.

Ideal For
Soothing skin after sun exposure, healing an active acne outbreak, calming red or irritated skin, detoxing and reducing impact of free radicals & pollution, hydrating, Removing excess dirt after cleansing, setting makeup with a soft, moist look, refreshing skin mid-day, preventing breakouts. Great for Eczema & Psoriasis support.

What To Expect
Aroma: Sweet woodsy, Earthy & Musky, calming and grounding.
Product Feel: Light & Watery
Skin Feel: Moisturised, Refreshed & Soothed

How To Use

Spray on face from a distance of 12 inches, let it absorb for few seconds and then wipe excess with a cotton swab. Or spray on a cotton swab and wipe after cleansing.
Keep Cap tightly closed. Use within 6 months.

Some useful tips:

1) Spritz on face during the day for a refreshing & soothing moisture boost.
2) Refrigerate and use cold for a super refreshing dose!
3) Use to dampen your makeup sponge. Spray sponge from all angles & use as usual. This will disinfect the sponge and prep the skin to receive other products evenly.
4) Use to sheer out your foundation – pour some foundation on your hand, spray a little Face Mist on it & mix. Diluting any product with our face mists will make the product less heavy and help your make-up look more natural.
5) Use to add a touch of radiance & luminosity if your make-up is too matte. Used as a finishing spray, it will coat your face in weightless moisture; giving a dewy, healthy-looking skin effect.


Pure & Fresh Sandalwood Water, Cardamom Water, Indian Sandalwood Essential oil, Vegetable glycerin. Sandalwood is a winning all-rounder with its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, deeply moisturising, skin smoothening, & anti-ageing properties.

Contains No Alcohol, No EDTA, No BHA, No EDT, No Formol or Formaldehyde, No Mineral oil, No Parabens, No Phenoxyethanol, No Silicone, No Phthalates, No SLES, No Synthetic Colourants, No Triclosan


This mist reminds me of the sandalwood paste my mother used to make for us when we were kids, from actual sandalwood chips moistened with water. We used it for acne and rashes during summer. I loved the scent – so happy to have it back in my life!
Mona Kashyap, Educationist, Jaipur

Exquisite! I keep it in the fridge and what a treat to the senses it is!
Yamini Nigam, Banker, Mumbai

I love all your face mists. So fragrant! I am getting addicted!!
Anita Kerketta, Noida

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