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Enchanted Blossoms Beauty Serum

Lavender, Patchouli, Rose & Chamomile Infused Serum for Sensitive Skin


A small bottle for 15-30 days of use

Product Rating - 5.00

Features & Benefits

This gentle serum is a combination of the best herbs, flowers & seeds for rejuvenating sensitive skin. It softens, moisturises, plumps up skin. restores natural elasticity, reduces fine lines, clears blemishes. It also reduces inflammations, redness & skin irritation. Regular use brings a wonderful soft glow.

How To Use

Massage 3 to 5 drops into face & neck after cleansing. Can be used under makeup as well. For best results, first clean your face with Cleansing Oil, then tone with a natural toner, & then apply the serum


Oils of Rosehip, Almond, Argan, Evening Primrose, Grapeseed, Apricot, Vitamin E. Essential Oils of Chamomile, Lavender, Rose, Neroli, Patchouli

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