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Shabnam Age Proof Cleanser

100% Natural. Fresh, Handmade, Toxin free.


A bottle for 1-1.5 months of use

Features & Benefits

Radiance boosting blend that softens & smoothes while gently removing impurities & imperfections. Best suited for Sensitive & Mature Skin. All Natural organic botanical ingredients to pamper, nourish & repair skin while removing dirt & makeup without stripping skin’s protective barrier.
STOP DAMAGING YOUR SKIN with soaps / cleansers filled with toxic ingredients - Safe, healthy and good for your skin. No synthetic chemicals and no artificial colours. Formulated with a unique blend of all natural essential oils and extracts.
About Shabnam
This gentle, yet effective formula is specially created for mature / dry skin. Formulated with a blend of botanical oils, this makeup-removing oil cleanser removes impurities without over-drying skin. Regular use will impart a Shabnam like (dew-like) soft glow to your skin. Skin is left feeling clean, supple, youthful & vibrant.

Each bottle is prepared fresh, by hand, especially for you,
100% Natural. Non toxic. Not tested on animals, suitable for vegans.
Ideal For
• Effectively dissolves dirt, oil and even hard to remove makeup
• Leaves skin feeling soft, supple and replenished
• Soothes and comforts skin and prepares it for night-time replenishment
• Non-comedogenic
• Non drying
• Non-irritating

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What To Expect
Aroma: Light, meadowy, flowery and woodsy scent. Reminiscent of springtime in a forest in the mountains.
Product Feel: Smooth mildly fragrant oil, slightly thick, easy to glide over skin, absorbs quickly.
Skin Feel: Fresh, clean & soft.

How To Use

• Dispense 4-8 drops into dry hands
• Massage oil cleanser into dry skin including eye area
• Cover face with washcloth soaked in warm water for 1 minute & wipe well with a slight pressure.
• Repeat the step of steaming & wiping with washcloth once more for thorough cleansing.
• Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel
• For long-wear and waterproof makeup, dispense few drops onto cotton pad and press on area for 10 seconds and gently wipe outwards
• For best results, follow with our natural toner Chandan Jal & Age Proof Skin Nectar Amritam.

Some useful tips:

1) Use daily for stunning results.
2) No soap is required to wash your face when you use this oil.
3) While this is a 100% natural product with ingredients derived from plants; some of the ingredients might cause an allergic reaction. Hence it is advisable to test for allergies before usage by applying a small amount on the inside of your elbow.


Oils of Castor, Sesame, Sunflower, Rice Bran and Vitamin E. Essential Oils of Frankincense, Geranium & Lavender

Contains No Aluminium compounds, No Steareths, No Propylene Glycol, No EDTA, No BHA, No EDT, No Formol or Formaldehyde, No Mineral oil, No Parabens, No Phenoxyethanol, No Silicone, No Phthalates, No SLES, No Synthetic Colourants, No Triclosan


I know I echo some fellow users of this product when I say that I love the cleanser! It does exactly as it says: removes my make up, makes my skin feel great, smells wonderful, and has a nice texture. I have purchased it several times now.
Yamini Nigam, Mumbai

This cleanser, along with Amritam serum are a heaven sent combo for me! My age spots have completely disappeared over 4 months of using these. I don’t use make-up regularly but few weeks ago I got make up done from a parlour for a wedding and ended up with a badly irritated, inflamed, red skin by the end of the festivities – I came home and quickly cleaned up with Shabnam, followed by a few sprays of Chandan Jal and some generous application of Amritam. Went off to sleep. And woke up to amazing, soft, shining, clear skin. Clearly this works.
Nidhi Lauria - Jaipur

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