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Snaan Saundarya

Skin Polishing Anti-tan Body Ubtan


A small pouch - appropriate for 2-3 uses.

Product Rating - 4.67

Features & Benefits

Body Ubtans have been a part of traditional Indian bath rituals, and recommended in Ayurvedic medicine for detoxing and stimulating the skin, our largest organ. This method of soap free cleaning leads to beautiful, bright, healthy skin, smooth as a baby’s!
Daily full body ubtans are an essential part of a bride’s pre-wedding beauty ritual for three months.
Snana Saundarya is a result of research using ingredients which are mild, have healing and detoxing properties, and help to gently remove dead skin. It is a combination of the best of Ayurvedic recipes, and suitable for all skin types. Snaana Saundarya is made from pure & homemade ingredients.

Filled with the goodness of wild neem leaf powder and pure turmeric it reduces inflammations, allergies, infections of any kind. 9 types of pulses and grains used in this recipe are very effective in removing tan & dead cells & brightening the skin effectively. Liquorice root powder helps to reduce blemishes & dark spots & make the skin even toned & hydrated. It also heals sun damage & is anti-inflammatory. Fennel tones, hydrates, detoxifies & corrects the pH of the skin.
For really outstanding results, this ubtan should be used after applying oil all over the body. This process of applying oil yourself all over your body is called Abhyanga in Ayurveda texts.It takes only 10-15 minutes but the results will be an amazingly dewy, clean, fresh, skin which will gleam with health; and a calm, serene sense of balance. We recommend natural oils such as Sesame/Coconut/ Mustard/ Almond oils for this purpose. However even if you omit the oiling step, the ubtan is still a great soap-free body cleaner which will remove tan and dead skin very effectively, following steps as per instructions below.

How To Use

Mix 1-2 tablespoons of the ubtan in either warm milk (for dry skin),or warm water or yogurt (for normal/oily skin). Spread mixture on full body. Let it dry. Rub off with wet fingers, using light circular movements, using some natural oil such as coconut if needed. Wash with water, follow with moisturiser.


Wild Neem leaf powder, Pure Turmeric Root Powder, Liquorice, Fennel, Mustard Seeds, Wheat, Rice, Chana Dal, Ragi, Jawar, Bajra, Kala Chana, Camphor, Sesame

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