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Sugar & Spice Soap

Cinnamon & Vanilla


A small travel-pack sized soap bar

Product Rating - 4.67

Features & Benefits

Hand crafted with care & passion!

This soap combines antiseptic properties of Cinnamon with soothing Vanilla & hydrating coconut. It soothes dry skin while keeping bacteria at bay - a great choice for dry winter.s Store in a cool, dry place. Keep soap in a well drained soap-dish between uses.


Pure Coconut oil, Essential oils of pure Cinnamon & Vanilla, Vegetable oils, Lye


*Cinnamon Spice, Ohh so Nice!*
I have dry skin, and normal soap bars usually add further to the ordeal ; But using this hand-made soap left my epidermis smooth and supple! Probably due to the fact that it is rich in natural oils.
The cinnamon bar lathers pretty well and rinses with much ease – Surprising, as my experience with cinnamon products from other brands hasn’t been as opulent.
Another bonus is the pleasantly mild infusion of vanilla that exfoliates along with the cinnamon.
If you already are fond of Cinnamon in candles or incense sticks then you will love this even more.
A boy addicted to a hand-made fragrant soap is touché ! But then after just one use I didn’t have much of a choice.. that’s just how fabulous this soap really is !!
Vishnu Kapoor, New Delhi
January 2019

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