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Under the Neem Tree

Beauty Box for Acne-Prone or Troubled Skin


Serum - 15ml, Cleanser - 15 ml, Toner - 30 ml, Ubtan - 10 gms

Product Rating - 5.00

Features & Benefits

'Under The Neem Tree' is a Beauty Box created especially for skins troubled with acne / frequent irritation / inflammation / redness/ allergic reactions.

This Box has a series of gentle yet effective skin care products infused with flowers, herbs, seeds & natural oils. Regular use will help clear up the acne, reduce/remove old marks, moisturize and balance the skin as also prevent recurrences. It has 4 products that we are sure you will love using -

1) Neem Ras - a natural cleanser infused with Neem, Fennel, Ginger & Lemon oils; supported by the goodness of Castor & Sesame to gently deep cleanse your skin and prevent clogging & enlarging of pores.

2) Chandan Jal - a fusion of the hydrosols of wonderfully fragrant and powerfully healing Sandalwood, Cardamom & Orange - to balance the skin pH, shrink pores & prepare the skin to receive the serum.

3) Neem Nikhar - an almost magically healing serum infused with the most powerful healing herbs of Ayurveda that are great for the skin (Neem, Saffron, Sandalwood, Turmeric, Basil, Patchouli)- reducing irritation, acne, fine lines & blemishes as well as moisturising & softening it.

4) Neemrit - the ever healing Neem Tree is the base of this pack - an unbeatable combination to soak up toxins & deliver nutrients to your skin

How To Use

Step1 : Take a few drops of 'Neem Ras' cleanser & massage your face & neck with it. Rinse a wash cloth in hot water, wring it & cover your face with the warm wash cloth for a minute. Wipe. Repeat waschcloth soak and wipe step for thorough cleansing. Do daily.

Step 2 : Spray your face & neck with 'Chandan Jal' Toner, wipe with cotton. Do daily.

Step3: Apply 2 to 6 drops of 'Neem Nikhar' serum while skin is still damp with toner. You may adjust more or less depending upon your skin type. For maximum impact do this before bed so that the serum has time to work its magic. Apply daily.

Step 4 : Take 1 tea spoon of the 'Neemrit' powder, add a little lemon juice & a little honey. Apply on face & neck. Let dry. Wash off with water, gently massaging with your fingers. While the face pack is safe enough for daily use, using once or twice a week will suffice. Please take care not to put wet fingers or spoon into the powder since this does not contain any preservatives.

If you follow the above routine regularly, your skin will become acne free, healthy and radiant!

Please note – While these are 100% natural products with ingredients derived from plants; some of the ingredients might cause an allergic reaction. Hence it is advisable to test for allergies before usage by applying a test patch on the inside of your elbow.


Serum - Neem Nikhar Beauty Serum

Cleanser - Neem Ras Facial Cleanser

Toner - Chandan Jal Facial Toner

Face Pack - Neemrit

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