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The Team

Manu Lauria – Founder

Manu is a software engineer from IIT Delhi and has worked for about two decades at Cadence Design Systems where he was Group Director R&D. He along with his friend Devender Khari, now run a start-up in the area of Computer Science and Electronics Engineering education called DKOP Labs Pvt. Ltd. DwaarPe (the brand) under the aegis of Anyaadi Naturals (the manufacturing arm) has been incubated by DKOP. Manu is an idealist, a believer in equal opportunity for all, and the leading light and force behind Anyaadi/DwaarPe. Manu manages all operations of Anyaadi/DwaarPe, bringing in resources and people as well as designing processes and systems to run a smooth operation. He does not draw any salary or take any dividend from Anyaadi/DwaarPe; nor is any of his expenses towards this work borne by the company.

Nidhi Lauria – Mentor & Product Advisor

Nidhi, a topper in Engineering and at IIFT, currently works with a large organisation in the telecom domain. She has the distinction of being the first woman Business Head in the entire Telecom industry in India. She has a deep and long standing interest in Ayurveda. Her study of this subject as well as her passion for creating brands that make a genuine difference to the world, are put to use in mentoring the DwaarPe team. She does not own any stock in DwaarPe/Anyaadi or DKOP, does not draw any salary, and does not have any of her expenses borne by DwaarPe/Anyaadi or DKOP.

Anita Dungdung – Project Head

Anita is the first beneficiary of DwaarPe. She moved to Kolkata and started working as a house-maid at the tender age of 11, to support her family in Odisha!  She later moved to Delhi, and has been working as a Cook for 26 years. Anita was illiterate when she came to Delhi, but has been a sincere student at the free Adult Education School run by DwaarPe, and has now reached Grade 7.  She is curious, bright, lively and has the warmest possible smile ! She loves music, really enjoys reading the Hindi newspaper and is very inquisitive about what is happening in the world around her. She is a natural leader, and that is why she is the Head of Projects at DwaarPe. She is now leading the work of other women in it. After moving to DwaarPe her earnings have increased from Rs. 8000 p.m. to Rs. 24000 p.m. With these earnings she is now eligible for bank loans which she wants to use to build a house of her own.

Anima Bilung - Execution Head

Anima leads the day to day manufacturing work at DwaarPe/Anyaadi - measuring, mixing, grinding, bottling, labeling etc. In addition, she manages the input and output inventory, triggering the buying of the raw materials at the appropriate time and quantity. She participates enthusiastically in executing on the various experimental recipes, the most exciting part of her responibility. She is also responsible in ensuring quality and adherance to the laid-down procedures. Anima has completed Class IX, but was unable to continue studying due to family circumstances. She worked as a house-maid for several years, but now leads the Anyaadi/DwaarPe work in addition to her maid duties. This has raised her earnings more than two-fold in the last 1 year, enabling her to send money home where her parents are constructing a house with her contributions.

Veena Kashyap

Chief Artwork Designer. Veena, a warm and compassionate grandmother, brings her talent of painting and teaching to contribute to DwaarPe. Her beautiful art, of plants and flowers and herbs adorns the packages of various products.

Sia Anand

The youngest and highly talented member of the DwaarPe team, Sia is the water colour painter, who, along with Veena, brings the products alive for customers through her artwork.

Anya Lauria

The inspiration behind many of the products, as well as the face that launches them ! Anya also tests and advises upon the various fragrances and aromas, helps with Beta testing and customer feedback and motivates and charges up the whole team !

Shubham Singhal

Shubham, a warm and pleasant young man, handles many things, from Finance & Accounts, to Regulatory Support, Despatches & Logistics, and Supply Chain.

Devender Khari

Co-founder of DKOP Labs Pvt. Ltd. and a brilliant Computer Science engineer from BITS Pilani, Devender supports the team in Marketing & Sales activity.
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